The new HYVOR, Google/Apple auth, 2FA, and Enterprise Plan

Hello everyone!

We’ve redesigned using our design system, and we’ve added a bunch of new features to secure your accounts and improve your experience with HYVOR.

A new Console

The new account console, at, will help you manage your account easily. You can edit your profile, upload profile pictures, etc. there.

Google & Apple Authentication

HYVOR now supports Google and Apple for login and signup. If you already have a HYVOR account, you can connect your Google/Apple accounts for an easier login.

New users can directly sign up with Google or Apple.

Two-Factor Authentication

HYVOR users can now set up two-factor authentication (2FA) for their accounts using a TOTP-based authenticator such as Microsoft Authenticator, 1Password, Authy, and Google Authenticator.

Visit to set up 2FA.

Device and session management

You can now manage your devices & sessions directly from the Account Console.

Public Community

We’ve started this community as a place to discuss our products, suggest improvements, etc. Compared to our Discord community, I believe this public community will help us be more transparent, and also help other users to find answers easily.

Community URL:

You can log into the community using your HYVOR account.

Enterprise Plan

We’ve also launched an Enterprise Plan focused on large organizations that would like to use HYVOR. This plan includes multiple enterprise-grade features.

  • SAML SSO for team members
  • Team user management
  • Enterprise-level support & SLAs
  • Access to our Enterprise Slack Channel
  • Security audits & NDA